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LSS Dyslexia conference for parents Sat 6th May; Dyscalculia Sat June 10th. Click here for details and here for the booking form.

SDA May Conference – Thursday 25th May 2017 – Dr Gavin Reid and Dr Jennie Guise

Dyslexia: Identifying and Dealing with the Barriers to Learning.

Working Memory, Information Processing and Effective Learning plus: Ideas and guidance for teachers and parents.

Both speakers are experienced psychologists and between them have many years’ experience teaching in schools, colleges and Universities and as consultants internationally. Dr Reid is also well known as the author of 32 books for teachers and parents, on learning, learning styles, motivation and dyslexia. Dr Jennie Guise has also worked in research, and now in applied practice as Director of Dysguise Ltd. Her main interests are in identifying what will help individual learners, and working collaboratively with teachers and tutors to use that knowledge in the classroom.

For details click here and booking form click here.