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Author Title
Alloway, T.P. and R.G. Understanding Working Memory
Alloway, S.E.G. and T.P. Working Memory and Learning
Bergquist Mrs Bee’s Handy Homophone Helper
Blythe, P. & McGlown, D.J. An organic basis for Neurosis and Educational Difficulties
British Dyslexia Association The Dyslexia Handbook 2015
British Dyslexia Association The Dyslexia Handbook 2014
British Dyslexia Association The Dyslexia Handbook 2013
British Dyslexia Association The Dyslexia Handbook 2012
Chinn, Dr Steve Maths Learning Difficulties, Dyslexia and Dyscalculia
Colley, Mary Living With Dyspraxia
Daunt, Sally (Ed) Music, other Performing Arts and Dyslexia
Everatt, Prof John Dyslexia, Languages and Multilingualism
Frank, R. & Livingston, K. The Secret Life of the Dyslexic Child
Hall, Diane L of a Way 2 Pass
Henderson, Anne Working With Dyscalculia
Hornsby, Dr Bev√© Overcoming Dyslexia ‚Äď A Straightforward Guide
Hultquist, Alan, M. Can I Tell You About Dyslexia?
Hultquist, Alan, M. What Is Dyslexia?
Klein, Cynthia Diagnosing Dyslexia
Lean, Eorann (Ed) Tips for the Dyslexic Adult
Malpas, Margaret Dyslexia and Parents
Maxwell,C. &Rowlandson,J. School Spelling Dictionary
Snowling, M.J.(Editor) Children’s Written Language Difficulties
Spence, Di Fall Into Reading     Book 1
Stansfield, Judith Dyslexia : Early Identification
Stein, Prof John Dyslexia and Co-occurring Difficulties
Welsh, Clare & Fallaize, L. Firm Foundations


Fiction  Books

Author Title
Anderson, Rachel Joe’s Story
Arbuthnott, Gill Mad Scientists
Augustus, Patrick Don’t make Me Laugh
Bertagna, Julie Bungee Hero
Betancourt, Jeanne My Name is Brian
Branson, Richard Screw it, Let’s do  it
Breckon, Claire The Stone Lion and Other Stories
Bresline, Theresa Whispers in the Graveyard
Childs, Rob Moving The Goalposts
Clarke, Arthur C. Tales of Ten Worlds
Colbourn, Stephen The Briefcase
Colbourn, Stephen The Lost Ship
Coleman, Rowan Woman Walks into a Bar
Cookson, Catherine Matty Doolin
Cross, Gillian Posh Watson
Dalton, Annie Friday Forever
Daniels, Lucy The Friendly Foal
Davies, Hunter I Love Football
Dennis, Mick The Team
Dowland, Colin Weevil K. Neevil: Stuntbug
Durant, Alan Game Boy
Durant, Alan Stat Man
Durrell, Gerald My Family and Other Animals
Du Toit, René Elbow World
Gates, S. P. Killer Croc
Geras Adéle The Wedding Present
Granger, Colin Lost In London
Greenwood, Marlene Jelly and Bean          Reception series :  up to 18 story books
Greenwood, Marlene Jelly and Bean          Reception series : Teachers’ Book
Greenwood, Marlene Jelly and Bean Catalogue
Greenwood, Marlene Decodable Phonics for Literacy   Jelly and Bean Catalogue 2006 Р2007
Hoffman, Mary Virtual Friends Again
Holt, Tom Someone Like Me
Hopwood, Tony Double Danger
Hopwood, Tony The Last Recording
Hu, Celine C. The Bride of Prince Mudan and other stories
Ingram, Anna The Gift From the Gods and Other Stories
Ingram, Anna The Land of Morning Calm and Other Stories
John, Katherine The Corpse’s Tale
Johnson, Pete Diary of an (Un) Teenager
Jones, Mike Muggins          Book 1      CVC
Jones, Mike Jim’s Pet          Book 2      CVC
Jones, Mike Jim the Slob          Book 3      CCVC
Jones, Mike Top Dog          Book 4      CCVC
Jones, Mike The Long Run          Book 5      CVCC
Jupp, Eleanor Ski Race
Kettle, Shey Girls Rock! Talent Quest
Laidlow, Caroline Countdown To Midnight
Laird, Elizabeth Clara
Leather,Sue & Brash, Marje Karateka
Lewis, Damien Desert Claw
Mc Lean, Alan C. Escape from Castle Czarka
Mc Lean, Alan C. Mystery on Mallorca
Mc Lean, Alan C. The Colombian Connection
Mc Lean, Alan C. The Missing Madonna
Mc Lean, Alan C. The Music of Love
McNab, Andy The Grey Man
Matthews, Andrew Stiks & Stoans
Milne, John The Black Cat
Milne, John The Magic Barber
Moore, C.J. Alissa
Morpurgo, Michael Fox Friend
Morpurgo, Michael The Dancing Bear
Morris, Mark The Dogs
Mullins, Julie Girls Rock! School Play Stars
Munton, Gill Read, Write Inc.   Sets 1 to 7
Oldfield, Jenny Off-Side
Palmer, Michael Killer in the Jungle
Phillips, Mike The Name You Once Gave Me
Pilkey, Dav Ricky Ricotta’s Mighty Robot vs The Mutant Mosquitoes
Prince, Alison Help!
Prowse, Philip Kate’s Revenge
Ray, Rita Cad the Killer
Ray, Rita Flapper
Ray, Rita Treasure Under The Sea
Rendell, Ruth The Thief
Rushton, Rosie All Change
Schulman, Anne Pipe Dreams
Schulman, Dee Aunt Bella’s Cat
Smith Dinbergs, Holly Girls Rock! Cooking Catastrophe
Spiller, Karen E. Fire!
Strong, Jeremy Living With Vampires
Sullivan, Star Maeve Binchy
Townson, Hazel Lift Off
Townson, Hazel The Secret Door
Trollope, Joanna The Book Boy
Walters, Minette Chickenfeed
Webster, James Ghosts!
West, Jane A. C. Cliff Edge
West, Jane A. C. Snow Dogs
Westwood, Jo Zed Project     Zim     Book 1
Westwood, Jo Zed Project     Zam     Book 2
Westwood, Jo Zed Project     Zom     Book 3
Westwood, Jo Zed Project     Zem     Book 4
Westwood, Jo Zed Project     Zum     Book 5
Wildsmith, Brian Cat on the Mat
Whitney, Norman Sara Says No!
Whitney, Norman The Stranger
Whybrow, Ian Alex, the Walking Accident
Whybrow, Ian Aliens Stole My Dog
Whybrow, Ian Boy Racer
Whybrow, Ian The Knights of the Brown Table
Winkler, Henry / Oliver, L Hank Zipper ‚Äď Holy Enchilada!
Winkler, Henry / Oliver, L Hank Zipper ‚Äď Summer School! What Genius Thought That Up?


Non- Fiction  Books

Author Title
Culshaw, Chris Breaking News    Inside Sky News
Gavin, Jamila The Bow of Shiva (The Story of Rama and Sita)
Foster, Simon 21st Century Girls
Foster, Simon A Day in the Life of a DJ
Hampshire, Susan Suƨan’s Story
McNab, Pilgrim and Slee Edges          Assessment for Learning in English
Royston, Mike Level Up     A Collection of Short Stories and Non-Fiction


Audio Books

Author Title
De S-E, Antoine The Little Prince
Dickens, Charles Great Expectations
Rowling, J.K. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
Rowling, J.K. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire ‚Äď Part 1
Rowling, J.K. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire‚Äď Part 2
Rowling, J.K. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
Rowling, J.K. Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone
Rowling, J.K. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
Stevenson, Robert Louis The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde
Tolkien,J.R.R. The Lord of the Rings   Part One: The Fellowship of the Ring
Tolkien,J.R.R. The Lord of the Rings   Part Two: The Two Towers
Tolkien,J.R.R. The Lord of the Rings   Part Three: The Return of the King
Wilson, Jacqueline The Lottie Project



Title Description
DOUBLE Asmodee Game                  5 games in 1
Speed Stacking

Various games ‚Äď up stacking / down stacking

Speeds Stacks  Рtraibing DVD



Dual TeacherUser GuideUsing synthetic phonics

Title Description
Can’t Read      Can’t Write Channel 4          3 hours
Clicker 5 Teaching Number Relationships



The Educational Typing Tutor

A rapid way to learn a skill for life



The Educational Typing Tutor ‚Äď Touch typing for children

A rapid way to learn a skill for life

Henry Winkler

‚ÄėMy Way Campaign‚Äô

GM TV with Lorraine
Implementing the Discrimination Act in schools and early years setting A training resource for schools and local authorities.
Learning and Teaching for Dyslexic Children

Primary National Strategy

Access strategies, Teaching styles & approaches, Literacy and Mathematics

Nessy Games Player

Improving reading and spelling skills.

Building confidence and motivation.    Ages 7 Р14

Nessy Learning Programme Interactive sentences, 5,000 words and sentences, various resources, lesson plans and guide
Nessy Teaching Manual Nessy Learning Programme
Nessy Phonic Nuggets Developing reading skills

Number Shark

Word Shark


To help with Numeracy

To help you read and spell

Numeracy 1 Teaching Number Relationships
Numeracy 2 Teaching Place Value
Numeracy 3 Teaching Fractions
Numeracy 5 Decimals & Percentages
Numeracy 6 Teachers’ Questions
Read Write Inc

Synthetic phonics

How this fits the new framework



Mentis Child Development Programme Pack 3-5 years old Designed to utilise parents’ understanding of child development and provides some tools to help extend children’s thinking skills. Also CD and Guidance File