Thursday 5th May 2022 Conference – Booking now open

             At Oake Manor Golf Club, Taunton, Somerset TA4 1BA; 9am for 9.30am start to 3.30pm

 Get it right for Dyslexia – get it right for all!  

with Neil Mackay

(Keynote speaker at the British Dyslexia Association Feb 2020 conference)

This conference is about how to implement inclusive practices for students who think faster than they read, write and spell.  To book a place, please use this booking form.

By the end of the presentation participants will “do” all the activities and have time to discuss and reflect.

Neil Mackay is previously Senior Teacher/SENCO in a large secondary school in North Wales and now an independent consultant and trainer; he originated the phrase and the concept “Dyslexia Friendly Schools. Neil works with state, independent and international schools and LAs in the UK, Europe, New Zealand Australia, Dubai and Hong Kong, supporting teachers to develop inclusive accommodations which help individuals without always needing to give individual help. Neil is known for his ability to bring the classroom into his training and he regularly models inclusive strategies in classrooms around the world and in the UK.

To book a place, please use this booking form.