Resources for parents and dyslexic learners

There is a wealth of information and there are many resources available online to support parents in helping their children at home, but it can be confusing and time-consuming to find the right ones for you. We have put together a list of useful websites we have found as a guide to start you off.

Advice for Parents to help children overcome their anxiety.

Resources to support reading, writing and maths   Currently many free e-books, advice and resources for parents. You can also find the current learning objectives for the age of your child. Don’t forget that you might need to look back at previous learning objectives and check if your child has understood them.   Some free resources available (subscription required to access all resources)  Some free resources available including b/d/p/q prompts and number prompts. (subscription required to access all resources)   Some free materials and online games to support learning for dyslexia (subscription required to access all resources)   Free phonics game for use on computers and laptops   Some free online games to support blending phonic sounds to make words  Interactive games and resources  Many more links to further websites here A list of free printable books for children or people who are learning to read English.

Advice about choosing books to read

Phone Apps for children with dyslexia

Speech and language support

Visual perception and tracking support  Advice for parents and online activities

Resources to support other learning  A whole range of suggested activities (subscription required to print worksheets)

Using technology to support your child   Dance Mat Typing – an introduction to touch typing for children